CentOS – where is my key – [auto]mount encrypted volumes

LUKS is the reference implementation for Linux and is based on an enhanced version of cryptsetup, using dm-crypt as the disk encryption backend. Under Microsoft Windows, LUKS-encrypted disks can be used with LibreCrypt (wiki). Disk encryption is always a good idea but sometimes onerous….

CentOS – Directory Services

Directory Services provide secure central point for management, authentication and authorization of users and computers. They also offer other benefits and capabilities, eg. SSO or other features depending on the specific solution….

CentOS – yum-cron

Full automatic actualization of critical systems is a very controversial matter. It’s an extremely complex problem, which everybody has to settle in their own environment, taking into account its specificity. If you want to do it, you can use yum-cron for this purpose. BTW – consultants of RHEL recommend this solution. This allows to forget…

CentOS – fail2ban

Known, well-liked and widely used tool for servers’ protection from a brute-force attack. Fail2ban by the example for ssh configuration….

Secure secure shell

SSH – successor and vanquisher of telnet, a standard of the communication protocols running on transport layer (tcp) of OSI Model. In this post I show my way of tweaking its security and comfort of use. The best way of linux system manipulation….