Tag: Invoke-Command

Pirate hunting with PowerShell

Sometimes we have a nice day when we want to defeat evil and make life worse for users. Today’s the day 🙂 – let’s start the hunting!…

PowerShell – install Visual Studio Code

The next part of silent install series scripts – Visual Studio Code….

PowerShell – install OpenOffice

PowerShell’ script to remote install Apache OpenOffice….

PowerShell – update .NET

How to check the .NET version on remote clients? How to update the outdated versions of .NET on remote hosts? The answer is below……

PowerShell – update SQL Server

A method for installation Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 SP3, or KB2979597….

PowerShell – Task Scheduler and Troubleshooting with Network Location Awareness Service

You come to work and it turns out you can’t connect with business applications and services. Most likely, this problem is caused by a slow connection….

PowerShell – regedit

Using PowerShell for editing of registry illustrated by the example of Internet Explorer 11 Hardening (MS15-124 – critical security issue)….

PowerShell – install Adobe Reader

Remote deployment of Adobe Reader on multiple hosts without SCCM, GPO’s and other facilitators….

PowerShell – install Thunderbird

Powershell script to deploy or update remotely the Mozilla’s Thunderbird….

PowerShell – uninstall Java

It’s solution for PowerShell is a script to remove Java from remote computers….