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Active Directory – generate keytab file for non-Windows hosts

The ktpass command-line tool allows non-Windows services that support Kerberos authentication to use the interoperability features with Active Directory…..

Active Directory – redeploy software on one host

Log off a windows user remotely


Windows Update – resolve problems

GPO – default file associations

Windows 10 – file associations

Kill the process remotely on Windows

tasklist and taskkill are the equivalent to the ps in unix systems, available in Microsoft Windows….

Remote shutdown of Windows system

shutdown is the command in Microsoft Windows which works when everything else fails :)….

Make windows more private

It’s been known for long that the policy of big corporations is not good for us. What I mean here is the privacy issue. Microsoft with Windows 10 is not an exception: it collects much information about us, but it is not entirely known what kind and how much. You can change it a bit….

Mozilla Firefox management on business environment by the GPO

The second part about implementing and managing Firefox in an Active Directory environment….