Month: September 2018

Setroubleshoot – monitoring SELinux Access Control Errors

Setroubleshoot – a small and enjoyable – tool listens for audit messages and explains what SELinux does. It even gives answers 🙂…

Make windows more private

It’s been known for long that the policy of big corporations is not good for us. What I mean here is the privacy issue. Microsoft with Windows 10 is not an exception: it collects much information about us, but it is not entirely known what kind and how much. You can change it a bit….

Mozilla Firefox management on business environment by the GPO

The second part about implementing and managing Firefox in an Active Directory environment….

Let’s Encrypt and CertBoot

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides free X.509 certificates for TLS. It’s a very good solution for securing websites and other services exposed to the world. The weak point of this service is the need to renew certificate every 90 days. Here it comes to help Certbot….