Month: May 2018

Troubleshooting with empty personal certificate store

It may happen that after attaching the computer to the domain, the private certificate store is empty – the system does not download and does not register the certificates from the server – there is a quick advice….

CentOS as router

CentOS as DHCP server

Fail2ban – unban IP

It happens sometimes, that your server blocks the access from u. What then? You have to wait or if you have a physical access, you can help….

Start a container shell in Docker

For manipulation of Docker Container the container shell can be used. To enter the interactive container shell you have to use the command:…

EasyRSA and certs

Easy-rsa is a small useful tool for building and managing of the Public Key Infrastructure, which means creating a root certificate authority, and request and sign certificates, including sub-CAs and certificate revocation lists (CRL)….