Month: April 2018

Pirate hunting with PowerShell

Sometimes we have a nice day when we want to defeat evil and make life worse for users. Today’s the day ­čÖé – let’s start the hunting!…

PowerShell – install Visual Studio Code

The next part of silent install series scripts – Visual Studio Code….

Fedora as a IdM client

After setting up the server and the simple client preparation we should ensure that our FreeIPA server will authenticate our users….

PowerShell – Repair the domain trust relationship

Sometimes it happens that the trust relationship between a workstation and the Active Directory fails. There are a few different reasons for this behavior but today we will just fix it with one PowerShell command….

Fedora – The year of linux

The year of linux is something like the end of the word – every few years someone speaks about it but it never happens. Maybe someday? Here are a few things after Fedora┬áinstallation for work and home….

Spring Tool Suite on Linux

Spring Tool Suite is a convenient IDE based on eclipse optimized for development of spring applications….